My Morning Routine


As life can get quite busy when the city wakes up and people start making their way to work, I have learned to love mornings. I'm not the kind to just roll out of bed, get dressed and grab a coffee on the go, but instead love taking extra time to cherish the quite moments and my routine. I find that it gets me into the right mindset to confront what the day throws at me in a more grounded way. It's almost like I take some "me-time" before everything becomes about work, bills, others - you get the drill. It might sound selfish and I'm finding myself feeling guilty in talking about this, but it's actually so crucial for your mental and physical health to be able to take some time just for you everyday. Here's what I do :

  1. Morning tonic
    My morning pick-me-up has varied over the course of the last few months. Lately I have been drinking 1 tbsp of organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar (with the mother) diluted in lukewarm water before breakfast. I'm not gonna lie, this is a tough one but will wake you up right away, kickstart your digestive system and has incredible health benefits (that you should list in your mind while swallowing!) ACV can kill many harmful bacteria and pathogens, keeps blood sugar levels in the normal range, help break down fat molecules and had been linked to improve heart health.
    Lemon and lukewarm water are great too, maybe try adding in some bee pollen for an extra immunity boost! Third option: a mixture of lemon, ACV and lukewarm water! 

  2. The Non-Coffee coffee
    Since I gave up coffee a few weeks ago I've been having fun experimenting with alternative caffeine-free hot drinks, because drinking something warm in the morning is a ritual in itself. I also try to vary the milks (oat, almond, coconut, organic soy, etc) as they all have different nutritional values and benefits. 
    My favourite alternatives include matcha latte, turmeric latte, maca latte, cacao maca latte, or a variety of teas (white, green and black - although I go for green as I find black tea has a similar acid effect on me same as coffee) 

  3. Breakfast 
    For years and years I have been the biggest porridge advocate, but in the last few months I wasn't feeling energised or even full for a long time, so I decided to find something new. My absolute new favourite breakfast is sugar-free almond/coconut "yoghurt" topped with roasted buckwheat or buckwheat granola and sometimes vegan protein powder. I sometimes also replace the yoghurt with a green smoothie! 

  4. Dry brushing & Shower
    Dry body brushing helps circulation, shed dead skin cells and therefore encourages cell renewal, leaving your skin to look fresher and smoother. Get an all natural bristle brush (make sure it doesn't have plastic elements and has FSC certified wood - I actually got mine from Amazon  for £5 here), undress and stand in the shower/bath tub. Start brushing with long sweeping motions in the direction on the heart, be gentle on more sensitive areas. Then turn on the shower and if you can keep the water cold-ish to activate blood circulation, firm up the skin and feel completely awake!

  5. Normally after this I just pat myself dry and apply a shea & cacao butter moisturiser (more on this soon!) Do my usual beauty & makeup routine, let me know if you'd like a post on this, get dressed and am out the door! Also - this is when I turn on my phone as I try not to use it first thing as it can straight away catapult you into reality and make you feel anxiety, stress, make you laugh or make you compare yourself to someone. Keep the airplane mode on just that half an hour longer and just be "in the moment" as cheesy as that might sound!

Jil Carrara