My Intentions for 2019


2019 has been the year that I reached a few of my biggest goals and didn’t realise it until today.

Dream job at dream company, working with people I’ve always admired from afar - check.
Find a home in London after 4 years - check.
Be in a happy relationship - check.

How have I not realised how far I’ve come until now? It always surprises me how how your brain has the ability to obsessively focus on the things that aren’t in order yet. That are out of place. That don’t make you happy and grateful every second of your life. So writing down what has happened last year is actually good practice.

I’ve come with two reasons why I didn’t realise my achievements and all the good in my life until now.
Number One. I was too busy chasing down the next goals and obsessing over what wasn’t quite right yet to actually take the time to celebrate the enormous amount of work, effort, dedication and strength that went into achieving them (and maintaining them also).
Reason number two. ! was distracted and not only by the next goal, but also by technology. I wake up in the morning and check both my phones (personal and work). I eat breakfast while watching a series, go to work listening to music or a podcast scrolling through Instagram, sometimes even posting myself. Get to work and spend 8+ hours in front of 2 screens and 2 phones (plus a third monitor on the wall). Then I go home and on my journey do the same as I did on my morning routine but this time with a light headache and tired eyes. When I’m home I cook dinner listening to music or watching a tv series and then check my phone again and again and again before going to bed. Did that just sound super stressful? Even writing that just gave me a slight sense of anxiety and exhaustion. So if it wasn’t obvious enough, one of my intentions for the New Year has become to spend less time on screen and more on paper or just with myself. I’m never with myself anymore…

Here’s what I’ll do:

  • Phone ban between 9pm and 8am. Just schedule your night mode for these hours or actually turn your phone off completely. I will also get myself an alarm clock and charge my phone outside the bedroom.

  • Read a book a month, so I spend more time on paper and with my thoughts about the lines I’m reading and so the last thing I see at night isn’t the blue light of a screen.

  • Travel more. I know this isn’t the eco-friendliest of intentions but I get so much from wandering that I am not prepared to sacrifice it. I will however vow to make it as eco as possible by carbon offsetting, avoiding plastic and taking the bus or train where possible.

  • Be consistent with my workouts, because nothing helps me more mentally than working out physically. I have more energy, more confidence and it helps me be more positive (thank you endorphins!)

  • Get. out. of. my. comfort. zone. Dare and be bold.

What are yours?

Jil Carrara