Sustainable City Guide: Florence


I grew up as European, between Italy and Germany often visiting the UK, France and going on ski trips every winter short car rides away to Switzerland that all of that seemed normal to me. Europe was nothing special to me and so I dreamt of the colours of India, the food in Lebanon, the rainforests of Southern America, the road trips of Northern America, the beaches of Thailand and the pineapples of the Philippines. But what I realised this month travelling through Berlin, Hamburg, London, Milan and Florence is that no were in the world do you have a history and culture that is collectively as rich as the European one. No where in the world do you have a conglomerate of countries so different in aesthetic and language but that all share the same routes and all seem to be connected by something that goes far beyond politics. No where in the world can you spend a month travelling freely through countries without having to get a visa or expensive plane tickets. You can car-share, couch surf, airbnb and ride a train to what ever spot you blindly pick pointing at a map in Europe. No where in the world do you have almost one friend living in a different country that you can crash with and that you can visit because you just feel like it. 
And that's exactly what we did. Me and my two best friends live in three different countries and sometimes it's really hard to get all three in the same place between work, studies, boyfriends and other commitments, but this time we succeeded. One of the girls Luci (check her blog here) is currently working in a hotel in the tuscan countryside and my other friend, Marina who is about to continue her law studies in Dijon, France for a year was also, like me, at a time of transition in her life so we decided this would be the right time to do a girls trip to Florence.
Here's our little photo diary (which could've been better except I only had my phone full of blog videos - coming soon) and some tips on where to eat and what to do. 
Culturally you HAVE to see the dome and the Uffizi where some of the most prominent art of the renaissance is located.


Street Doing Couture Vintage has an amazing selection of branded vintage that isn't too expensive! Definitely check it out for unique pieces



You might think that being in Italy you could just walk into any restaurant and the food would be pretty much amazing, but take it from an Italian - that ain't the case! Here are our favourites from our 4 day trip. 

they have a lot of delicious options without cheese on the menu for all the vegans. If you're not vegan the one with anchovies is delicious. Like seriously. Also it's made with sourdough and whole flour so you won't feel bloated as you do from yeast and white refined flour. 


his was another restaurant we found by chance on our way to another restaurant and decided to stay here because there was such a lovely atmosphere and a really delicious menu. Amazing selection of pasta and salads that aren't done the boring way. Also staff is amazing, we got complimentary prosecco while waiting for our table and as well as some digestives at the end of dinner! 


La Ménagère
This is such a cute breakfast spot, for the interiors and atmosphere and REALLY great coffee, sadly not the healthiest of food though! But at least go and try the coffee which you can also get with soy milk! 


Also, get a bottle of wine and sit on the steps of Piazza Michelangelo at sundown. Words can't express.

Jil Carrara