Gosh - staring at the post title is already giving me anxiety.
Don't know if you can tell but I am not the biggest fan of resolutions, so when I get asked what mine are for the new year I freeze. And it's not like I prepare to answer the question for the next year, no 'cause that would be way to smart...
I am a person that excessivley loves commitment, so I am usually pretty good with commiting to some weird dare, a promise and a goal, but resolutions are different. 
Thinking back at your year and going over all the ups and downs is truly great because you actually get to realise how much has truly happened in only one year and how much can happen the coming one. How much you have learned and how much you have taught (wich we often forget we do!)
So when I unfroze after people asked me what my resolutions are AND managed to ask them back the things I most commonly heard were: drink less, count calories, be healthier, go to the gym, find a boyfriend, go to bed earlier and so on and so on. You get the Bridget Jones vibe. 
But truly what do all these things matter? Have you had any less fun, loved less deeply or been less successful because of them? I doubt it. 
My biggest problem with resolution is that you just end up dissapointing yourself for giving up on them after a few months - ok, let's be real, after a few weeks (days?). 
And it's not because you aren't strong enough or have a great enough willpower to do so, but because you are human. None of us are perfect, even if we often get the idea that other people are through their social media (which will probably be a post on it's own), but no one is. 
Don't be so hard on yourself, if you want to have a glass of wine at dinner have it. If you want to sleep in and not go to the gym saturday  morning at 8am, do it. If you want eat something that isn't classified under 'healthy' then do so, and don't feel guilt about it!! Everything in moderation guys, I don't want to be responsable for your alcohol or food coma!  The only thing I ask you not to do is count calories, it just takes all of the pleasure out of eating and enjoying your delicious food. Honestly, if you have a balanced plant-based diet you will be at your healthiest weight naturally (if you need some help with recipes I got you covered) but please don't purposely guilt yourself through life. It's just not worth it. If you have the 'thing you really really want but really really shouldn't have' then enjoy every single bite, sip or kiss (hehe). 
Aknowledge that all in all this year you have been a pretty good human. 
Now, I'm not free spirit enough to say just 'chill and whatever' and I might not be the biggest fan of resolutions, but general intention, plans and goals I love. 
It's such a strength if you are someone that can recognize you flaws or general weaknesses and work on them or maybe have someone else help you. Recognize the problem, don't deny it and own it, then you can find a solution. No one is perfect and no one will ever be, but you can try to be the best version of yourself which doesnt mean less drinking, but more of whatever makes you feel good.
Personally I can say that this year I would like to try to overcome my biggest fears carrier-wise. I have the feeling that I could do so much more if I just stopped worrying for a second. I'm a natural over-thinker, from which comes great sensitivity, but also great restrictions. I hope that this year I can grow beyond my own ties and get to do what I love in a much deeper way. 

Which is also why I've started this new 'brains' page on the blog, I know that I might be the only one currently in my little book club, but I fight that fear, because the message is so much more important than my insecurities. It has to be!
Here's to a year of dreaming big and acting on those dreams! Here's to the year of change. 

I keep thinking about this proverb I read that goes: "May every sunrise hold my promise, may every sunset hold my peace" - That will be my 2017 motto. 

With that being said I'm gonna go watch Bridget Jones's Baby now - anyone seen it? ;) 

Jil Carrara