How To Stay Healthy While Travelling


With summer at our door and already in full bloom in places that aren’t the UK, I thought I'd share some tricks for staying healthy while travelling whether for short or long trips! 
I know that travelling when you have intolerances, diseases, allergies or simply want to stay healthy, can be challenging and scary at times. You find yourself obsessing and getting worried about how you are going to manage to stay healthy. The truth is, even though it can seem challenging, it is actually very doable, they key is preparation and organisation. Here's how: 

How to eat on the plane: 
For shorter journeys I usually just pack some snacks which is usually some homemade granola bars, energy balls or some trail mix. If I haven't had the time to prepare any of these I buy a few Super Seeds Cashew & Cocoa bars from 9. They are my absolute favourite!!! Remember those Mars bars Puffed Rice cakes we used to eat at kids birthdays? That's what it tastes like - just the healthy version. 
On the plane it's also very important to stay hydrated, aircraft cabin level is unnaturally low in humidity so you will need to take care of your body. Try to drink at least half a litre per hour, so your body never dries out and your skin doesn't suffer. Don't worry you won't have to go to the dreadful toilet every two minutes because your body will absorb most of it. A lot of people say to bring your own bottle and fill it up on the plane, but I'm a bit skeptic because a few years ago there was a scandal that the water was a little dirty and full of bacteria, so now I prefer to spend a little more money and buy a big bottle in the airport before I board.
For longer journeys, or journeys that extend over lunch/dinner I usually cook up a meal, often a quinoa dish or gluten free pasta. I asked at airport security so I wouldn't get this wrong for you guys: when you have food like pasta (or quinoa) you can have a sauce with it, as long as it's not too liquid and it can't be in a separate container. 

When you land: 
Nutribullet has become my favourite new travel companion. It's such a good investment because you will use it at home all the time and when you travel, it's not crazy expensive like a lot of the good blenders and it doesn't take up too much space in the kitchen (in other words great for us Londoners).
What I do is that after I land I go buy some fresh fruit, which is always fun from a cultural point of view too, so that if I am not able to eat enough I can still get my daily dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and have enough energy! Ps.: smoothies also really help with jet lag! Wouldn’t however reckoned this when backpacking - the rule for that is more snacks is more. Survival tips from Jil lol.
I also always take some chia seeds with that I can mix into my breakfast or smoothies so I have a good portion of protein as well.
I sometimes also like taking some rye bread without yeast with me (Biona is really good, they have different gluten free options too) so worst comes to worst I can just spread some banana, avocado or honey (for those who eat it) on it as you should find at least one of these pretty easily everywhere. 
Same goes for crackers that contain nuts and seeds and no yeast. You can always keep them in your bag and add them to your lunch if you can only order sides. 

I hope this was helpful! Let me know if yo have any questions or if you have any hacks for staying healthy on the go x

Jil Carrara