Women's March


21 January 2017 - will go down in history as the first day in office of US president Donald Trump, the GLOBAL women's march of millions of people and my first protest walk. 
Seeing as the entire election brought so much anger out on so many subjects - I mean if you weren't angry you weren't paying attention - the posters read slogans on a variety of different subjects.
Donald Trump has been elected democratically. And I believe that because of that there is no point in protesting the fact that he is now in office. However, what can and should be protested are the misogyny and racism he encourages. That is what I stand for and what I walked for today. That's why I walked alongside 100.000 people in London and Millions in the world. 
It was more beautiful than I could have ever expected, next to me were people from all social and cultural backgrounds, ages and political ideals, but everyone was driven by love. 
There was no violence, no extremism, no hate - only love. 
Women and men were joyfully walking alongside one another, talking about the to do's and how they want their children to grow up. They were smiling, singing, laughing and talking with each other like they had been friends for ever, we were all sisters and brothers and at the same time strangers. The emotions so palpable. The hope so empowering. 

And that is ultimately why I went - I know that this march will probably not change a thing politically, but walking alongside thousands that believe in one love, just as you do, gives you a strength you can get from no where else. It gives you hope. It gives you the energy you need to actually create true change. But it also sends a message, mine today was not for Trump, but to the citizens that listen to him I say: don't live in hate. It might give you a sense of power for a little while, but it's a weakness for it only causes problems, never solves them. I think I can speak on behalf of everyone walking today that the message was of solidarity to other women. Women that have been victims to abuses, that are not YET privileged with the same rights I am and for all moms, sisters and daughters.
Your voices are heard and we stand united with you for change.

My heroes today were all moms and dads who brought out their little boys and girls, leading by example and showing them how powerful love can be. Thank you, for that is the greatest gift you can give a child, the same gift my parents gave me and the reason why I fight. Today for the first time in a long time I was proud.

Jil Carrara