Natural Shampoo


In my quest for a more down-to-earth lifestyle (literally!) I have been doing some research on natural beauty and have come across some insane facts. For example, did you know that the average woman adds about 200 chemicals to her skin daily, of which 60% is absorbed directly into our bloodstream? Would it surprise you to know that just because of a lot of chemicals are toxic they are the most common ingredients in beauty products? Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) is for example an inexpensive chemical that is a proven skin and eye irritant, pollutes groundwaters, accumulates in fish bodies once absorbed by them and is used as a pesticide. It recently tried to become a pesticide for organic farming but was rejected because of it's environmental impact. 
I think it's incredible that something like this is legally in most shampoo's!
the best brand I've found so far that is SLS and paraben free as well as natural is Faith in Nature. They have lots of different flavours but my favourite is the Coconut one. Coconut has been proven to increase hair growth and nourish it abundantly.
The shampoo really works just like a normal one, beautifully foaming up  and the conditioner works best when you let it set for about 5 mins when you do other body parts ;) The amazing thing is that it doesn't cost much more than standard shampoos - I've found that a lot of other natural shampoos cost at least 4 times and as a student that's a bit hard to maintain...
I honestly love it so much that I recently  couldn't contain my excitement when I spotted a bigger bottle for the same price at TK Maxx!! So am now stocked up for the next two years! 
Have you ever tried this or have any other recommendations? Would love to hear your experiences x

Jil Carrara