Natural Beauty Essentials


I used to have a lot more commercial beauty products, but I kept finding myself going back to more natural products for two reasons. 
For one I feel like they honestly do work on my skin better and aren’t as strong as certain creams might be, especially since we do absorb a lot of what’s on our skin into our blood stream! 
Secondly, they are much much MUCH cheaper! 
So healthier and cheaper - I think we have a winner! 
There are four products that I literally coudn’t live without:

This is absolutely amazing for nails, and I really swear on it and have given up any kind of nail hardener polish and other chemical rubbish like that, which in the end was ruining my nails more than it was helping them!! 
My nails used to often split and grow quite slowly, so you can imaging how ugly they used to look! 
I have been applying it for 2 years now and it is beyond amazing. 
Just pour about a nut size amount into the palm of your hands and massage it in, all over your skin and nails, make sure to gently rub back the cuticles with it as well! 
You will see the miracles happening after about a week as it takes a little time, but you will quickly notice how they restore themselves. 
I’m also a big nail polish person, but I have learnt that like anything else nails need to breathe and see some sun too, so when you have some time off, maybe on weekends, take your nail polish off, wash your hands properly and apply some almond oil! 
All of my friends have started using it too and one of them can't apply it every day cause it makes her nails grow way too fast! No joke.

Yes, it’s the same exact one we use in the kitchen! It has so many amazing benefits both for the inside and outside of your body! Make sure to buy the organic one though as the other will be full of chemicals and not at all rich in coconut! 
I usually just take a little container were I fill some oil from my kitchen one into and keep it in my bathroom, as I don’t really like keeping the big coconut oil packaging on my shelf. But that’s just aesthetics ;) 
Before going to bed I wash my face and apply only a fingertip amount of coconut over my face and neck. If you have some spots try avoiding putting the coconut oil on them as it contains quite a bit of fat! (Read what I do against spots here
Et voilà, you’ll wake up with such soft and amazing skin in the morning! 
I use coconut oil on my hair as well, once a week for a nice mask. I simply apply some on the tips of my hair before going to bed (don’t apply too much as you don’t want to grease all your sheets, unless you redoing laundry the next day) and don’t apply it on the routes of your hair or it will take a lot more to wash out. 
Simply wash it out the next morning as you would normally wash your hair, and you will see how amazingly soft they are! 
It’s so incredible, as soon as your hair gets wet you can feel how soft they are, as if you already applied conditioner! 

Face scrubs are super easy to make and are honestly so good for your skin as you need to scrub of the dead skin cells so the new cells can restore and your skin can shine. 
I use this once a week as well. 
As a base I use brown granulated sugar as it has a great consistency to scrub and absorbs the oils I add to it. I like using quite calming oils like jojoba and lavender so that it relaxes my skin while giving it a beautiful shine and softness. 
I will do a more extensive post on face scrubs with recipes for you to make yourself! 

I came across this on a farmers market and really fell in love with it! It’s great if you have some dry skin, I my case it’s often my hands especially when the weather changes all the time, so I apply this amazing mixture of organic beeswax and olive oil and it works wonders! 
The cute old man how sold me this  also said it works wonders on mosquito bites, I have yet to try this as I don’t get stung often, but I will let you know! Has anyone of you ever tried it out? 

The most amazing this is that almond oil costs between £3-£5 in a supermarket, coconut oil costa a little ore £6-£10 and out of both you get so much and you wil keep them for MONTHS! The funny thing is that the two products combined still cost less than certain commercial creams especially when you have to replace them every month! 
The beeswax I bought in a farmers market for £3 and to make the scrub you will probably spend a little less than £10 and keep for months, I had my little tub for 6 months and still have a lot of it left! Just be mindful about how much you use and you will spare so much money!!!! 

Do you guys have any other natural beauty products you love? x

Jil Carrara