Coconut, Lime and Mint Exfoliator

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Let's be real, during and after summer you stop doing face scrubs because you don't want to scrub off your tan. Or is that just me? (Please don't leave me hanging!)
Instead of using a hard sugar based scrub I now use a gentle oat-based exfoliator for the lighter months! 
Buying good scrubs in the shop often costs a lot of money and is full of chemicals which can sometimes make you feel like you're hurting your skin more than you're helping it... Try a natural one with just 4 simple ingredients that will leave you feeling refreshed and with really deeply soft, gently moisturised skin.
This exfoliator contains coconut oil, which really moisturises the skin and kills acne-causing bacteria, lime helps to clear the skin and pores and adds such a great freshness especially combined with mint!

1 handful oats
1 tbsp of melted (or soft) coconut oil
juice of 1 lime
3 mint leaves very thinly chopped

You will have to use this scrub straight after making it or the oats will become too soggy! 
Remove all your make up and wash your face with water.
Mix all of the ingredients together and start gently rubbing it onto your face.
When you are done wash your face with warm water et voilà hello healthy glow...

Jil Carrara