RMS Beauty


I am still navigating  the world of natural beauty, as you could read in my interview for Powder Paper (german only for now) I still have a few conventional beauty items in my regime, as I didn't want to through everything away when I decided to change, in the interest of not creating more waste. I made the choice to keep using what I had and gradually exchanging them for natural products once finished. 
have recently run out of concealer and was looking for something light to wear on my eyes during the day, so I went to the Content Beauty Shop
in Marylebone and got both from an amazing brand called RMS. 

heir products are
- Gluten Free
- GMO Free
- Soy Free
- Nano Free
- Not tested on animals
- the packaging is recyclable glass and aluminum recyclable lid

I was reading a little bit more on their ingredients on their website  and came across very interesting information on colour, which I wanted to summarise for you.
Colour is mostly derived from petroleum nowadays.
The better option is to use mineral colour, some of which can still be concerning in terms of heavy metal residue. However "the minerals in rms beauty products are guaranteed to be in their raw, uncorrupted form, without silicon, paraben preservatives or other chemical coatings." 

I have to admit that when I saw the tiny tubs I thought, wow this is going to last two months tops, but I read so many reviews online not to be concerned about the size because they actually last a VERY long time. 
I have started using them for the past few weeks and am totally in love. If you find the right "Un" Cover-up" concealed colour for your skin it covers better than the hundreds on conventional ones I have tried. It doesn't start cracking and I doesn't start clumping up in wrinkles from laughing or make your eyes feel heavy in any way! 

I've been loving the creamy eyeshadow as well as it last all day, it's not sticky, heavy or crumbly in any way PLUS it makes my eyes brighter and sparkly - I think it's safe to say it's the the best eyeshadow I've ever had. 

I'm going to post an updates beauty routine for you guys soon, stay tuned x

What I use: 
"Un" Cover-Up in 33 (looks a lot darker on the website than it actually is) 
Cream Eye Polish in Solar

Jil Carrara