My Organic & Plastic Free Dental Care


Brushing our teeth is part of our daily routine, it's one of the first things we are taught when young and we don't quite feel the same when we omit it. But guess what every toothbrush you have ever used in your life is still on this planet, and might even outlive you. Not to rain on your parade but most, toothpastes contain microbeads, what's that? plastic. Additionally, in the UK alone 250 million empty toothpaste tubes are disposed and since the majority is made from non-recyclable plastic, these tubes end up in landfill. Just more plastic to add to the 8 million tons of plastic entering the ocean every year, that ends up in marine life stomach. Not only their but our too, though our seafood consumption - yum. Let's change that, shall we? 

Georganics is a brand that avoids microbeads, toxic chemicals and artificial substances you have in conventional products (here's a more detailed list of what they avoid). They use vegan, PETA certified ingredients. Packaging is entirely recyclable or compostable and plastic-free, sourced from local suppliers and manufacturing partners to minimise environmental impact. They have only been in business two years and already use renewable energy - chapeau.  

Tried and tested: 

  • ctivated charcoal and mint toothpaste, call me old fashioned but I still feel like toothpaste should have mint flavour so I love this one especially together with the charcoal which works as a cleansing and whitening agent. win win.
  • Thyme mouthwash - OBSESSED by the taste, but also it's tablets which is so much more convenient for travel and size.
  • The toothbrush is made from compostable bamboo & BPA-free bristles
  • The natural dental charcoal floss is made with bamboo charcoal, beeswax and peppermint essential oil, comes in a glass container and you can buy refillables online!!
Jil Carrara