Pantry Essentials


Rule numero uno of reducing your waste in the kitchen? Repurpose lots of jars. Jars will become your best friend as you will start filling them with your essential kitchen staples. These are the items that always need to be stocked in my pantry so that I always have something on hand to make delicious, wholefood meals.

Ps.: resist getting a label-maker. I got one a year ago labelled on my jars once and now they all have the wrong labels matching the wrong contents and I don’t want to make new labels because PLASTIC! If you feel the need to label your jars (perhaps for spices) try to simply write on the jar with a marker.

Brown rice - Great grain to add to any meal for some energy.

Quinoa - I keep swapping out quinoa and brown rice in my lunches and as long as you’ve got one of them, some veggies and some plant protein you’re good to go.

Beans - my favourite are red kidney beans, black beans and butter beans

Chickpeas - either to add to your favourite bowl, mix into stews or to make hummous with.

Lentils - always a good plant-based protein source and very versatile. My go to dishes are Daal (which is very easy, fast and cheap) and Deliciously Ella’s lentil fritters from her app.

Oats - Because porridge every morning.

Almonds - good snack, good to add to smoothies, porridge, chopped up in salads and just very good fats.

Tea / Coffee - whatever floats your boat (and doesn’t make you jittery). I love a flavoured rooibos, chai tea and a calming one like chamomile for evenings.

Cacao powder - duh. hot chocolate. cake. cookies. smoothies. actual chocolate. I can go on forever.

Flour - This will depend on what you like to cook with the most / what you need flower for. I usually like to have buckwheat flower or just a simple gluten-free flour blend on hand for any last minute baked good cravings.

Obviously you can add any additional stuff that you might like to your list (eg hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews, rice flower etc ), but I feel like if you have the above all you need to keep buying on a weekly basis is fresh fruit & veg.

Is there any other ones I have missed that your pantry always needs to be stocked with?

Jil Carrara