Ginger Shots


Classic Shot
Serves 1
1 inch of peeled ginger

Jil's Shot
Serves 1
1 inch of peeled ginger
1 peeled lemon
1/2 teaspoon turmeric

Ginger shots have become incredibly popular lately and it's great to see others becoming obsessed with it, even if they are not health nuts like me!!!
However, if it’s the first time you try ginger I wouldn’t recommend starting with this recipe as it is very very very strong - ease yourself into ginger with a tea or mix it into other fruit juices. 
Ginger has so many amazing health benefits such as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.
Try to have a shot every morning (it's not everyday you hear this sentence is it?!) in order to purify your body and give yourself an amazing boost for the rest of the day. The amazing thing about these ginger shots is that as soon as you have drank it it’s like you can feel it “cleansing you” inside and flowing into your blood waking you up straight away!
It’s called a shot for 2 reasons: the first is the size, you want something you can swallow in one go (trust me) and the second is that you should not sip it since it has a very strong taste and you will guaranteed make the same face you do after a good tequila shot! 
Turmeric knowingly is extremely anti-inflammatory and healthy for you, as well as lemon which also gives you a vitamin C boost for energy and your immune system.
So.. SHOTS are now allowed at breakfast! You're welcome. 

Jil Carrara