Sustainable Swimwear Made From Ocean Waste


Summer is over. I'm in denial. Let's just pretend this post is meant for the southern hemisphere and talk about sustainable swimwear.

Plastic straws and microplastics have been the topic of many summer conversations. That drink at a beach bar served with not one but two straws, the plastic cup said drink often gets served in, the blow up pool toys you buy for the fun of two weeks (lets be honest its for that Insta pic) and that explode and end up thrown out after 5 days. Oh how many pink flamencos I saw this summer - I bet landfills are going to look like flamenco graveyards this winter…

And finally the swimwear, that apparently needs to be new every year and is of course made out of synthetics. What can you do about that? Firstly, buy a timeless style that you can use and reuse for years to come. The kind that is so you and hugs your body in just the right places that you will never get sick of. Secondly, there is brands that use more environmentally-fiendly materials than virgin polyester or nylon, one of them is Econyl®, regenerated nylon - a fabric made from recycled fishing nets and other plastic / nylon waste rescued from oceans and lanfdills. The cool thing about this yarn is that it's infinitely recyclable and never looses its virgin quality. 

This summer I had the pleasure of wearing this rust-coloured Ohoy suit. Ohoy make beautiful Scandinavian inspired swimwear from Econyl® in fair working conditions - what's not to love?

Fishing nets are said to account for 10% of plastic marine litter in our oceans.

Jil Carraraswimwear