On Consistency


With multiple huge work events happening within the same week and months of late hours in preparation, I can honestly say my sleep depravation and high levels of stress could not be more felt. My body reacts to its intense new circumstances as if trying to fight a virus and my usual routine and habits are heavily neglected. The first thing to go out the window? Writing and shooting for the blog and updating Instagram. Followed very closely by the gym and healthy eating. I haven’t updated my socials in about two weeks, which for a millenial is like literally a lifetime, but coming home from a very stressful 10+ hour work day spent on screen to continue writing or editing on a different screen sounded like nothing short of a nightmare. Despite it being what I love doing more than anything!

I have to admit that there is a secondary reason I didn’t keep up with my socials lately, I got quite caught up with the numbers and focused so much of my energy desperately trying to understand why my following wasn’t growing etc.The pressure of numbers filled a process that used to be fun, with anxiety and angst. Definitely not the way to go about it. 
After a quick google on ‘how to stay consistent in life’ reveals a surprisingly helpful tip from a website appropriately called positivityblog.com: “focus and take responsibility for the process not the potential result”, I realise that this has been my problem all along. I was too focused on my goals (eg. XX amount of followers) and my frustration about not getting there fast enough instead of focusing on the reason why I started it in the first place: my love for creating and sharing. 

Now, on my first day off from the mayhem, I am sitting in a cafe with a stye, a cold, the darkest circles under my eyes and the burning need to write and share again. For the first time in a while I feel calm, excited and full of ideas again. (Needless to say there is plenty of unused mid-summer pics that are finally coming your way. ehem.) 

To help me get back on track with my healthy habits and kick the unhealthy ones happening in my mind I’ve made a little list of intentions:

  1. Focus on the process, not the goal - do what is fun and you love by stripping it back to your original intentions: free-flowing creativity without the burden of hitting goals

  2. Set intentions for the month, the differ from goals because you don’t plan out the way to get there and often the intention self can be the process, more like little commitments if you will. 

  3. Simply start again with one simple healthy habit that you can easily introduce into your life again and are actually looking forward to. This doesn’t have to be as big as ‘go back to the gym’ but can be ‘read 15min in the morning’ and the build up from there until you get back on track and don’t feel overwhelmed by the huge change happening yet again.

  4. Turn off your phone an hour before going to bed - let’s face it, you’ve probably spent enough time on it during the day and unless your job actually involves saving lives, what’s the worst that can happen? Turn it to night mode so your favourite contacts can still reach you in case of emergency but challenge yourself not to look at it again until the next morning. 

  5. Do one thing a week that is just for you and no one else: read, go for a walk, take a day trip by yourself, get a massage, go to a meditation class - this will be completely personal to you and what you love doing. 

Sustainable Outfit details

Here is me in front of the church my parents in (or should I say ‘on the soil of’ as it’s too small to fit everyone inside), and therefore holds a very special place in my heart. I’m wearing a linen dress from Oshadi that I got via The Acey. The brand focuses on supporting communities of craftspeople in india whose trades are threatened by large scale textiles manufacturing. ps. It’s currently on sale! wohooo
I am also wearing a handmade straw bag and handmade artisanal sandals, both brought home by my mum from her travels to southern Italy and Morocco - brandless and priceless :)


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