Law Of Attraction


A few months ago I watched a dystopian movie with Emma Watson and Tom Hanks, and although I didn't agree with everything in the movie or was particularly impressed by it, one thing stuck with me. As she interviews for a job at a social media company she gets asked what her biggest fear is, her answer is "unfulfilled potential". I guess because it was so poignantly accurate in regards to my own fears, I keep thinking about this one quote. As we all know, overcoming our fears is one of, if not THE, hardest thing we have to do in life to be successful, however you might define it. It sometimes feels easier to sit back and think 'all too well' I couldn't do that anyway, there's people that are better and more qualified anyways. Guess what, if you think that, you are going to be unfulfilled potential, because you never even tried. You attracted what you feared without ever thinking that you might just attract what you dream of and give yourself the chance to reach it. I'm a very big believer in the law of attraction, as I believe we are all creator of our lives, every time we think and we make a decision no matter how trivial, it's you creating. If you can see it in your head you can hold it in your hands. There comes a time when you want to give up because you just don't think you can do it and that is the moment that will define you. It's all a mind game and if you are able to cling on to that last beacon of hope and believe that, not only you can, but you will or you'd rather die, then you'll win (and you won't die usually ;) ). Also son't think that this is a quality some people have or just don't, you have to train yourself exactly like you train muscles, you have to endure the pain and reach the goal you set yourself before you started even if you think you're going to break after the second rep. YOU WON'T. There's always going to be people more talented, more beautiful, funnier, and you can't control that, but one thing you can control and that no one can take away from you is how hard you work. That is what ultimately can make you run further than the more beautiful, more intelligent, more talented person will. 
After my own Jim Carrey -like existential and nihilistic rant let's go back to celebrating something more joyful, like this Calder inspired top from conscious brand Jungle Folk. Read more about them below and let me know your thoughts on the Law of Attraction in the comments! 


Top: Torve Shirt by Jungle Folk // Skirt: Old from a fast fashion brand we shall not mention // Earrings: Giolina & Angelo handmade in Milan // Bracelet with onyx: A Beautiful Story handmade by women in Nepal(read my story on them here) // Nails: Sundays Studio in 42
Photography: Alanna Pinho

The top is from sustainable brand Jungle Folk which I discovered at Berlin Ethical Fashion Week (See the video here) and fell in love with. I love that you get to know #WhoMadeMyClothes, for example this piece was "made with love by Marijana in Banja Luka, Bosnia" and the fabric is 100% organic cotton from Turkey and woven in Germany. As per usual I'm wearing it with something that I've had in my closet for ages and have worn beyond #30wears. 
to find out more click here and scroll to 'values' section

Jungle Folk is a Switzerland-based brand who employs artisans in Medellin, Colombia and Bosnia and mostly with women which helps them sustain their families. When I first came across the brand I loved how every piece had a story, an inspiration and a person behind it - it meant buying these pieces was a much more personal affair.