Big Little Lies


Joan Didion famously said "we tell ourselves stories in order to live", but when do the lies get in the way of the truth? 
Isn't it true that when you lie about something for so long you'll eventually end up believing it yourself? That can be a great thing too and can be used to your advantage.
I was talking to a friend the other day and we were casually listing all our insecurities, you know as one does between lunch and dinner, and by the end we told ourselves we just had to lie to ourselves. 'Fake it till you make it' - not in the sense that we're going to pretend to be Kendall Jenner's cousins to get into VIP - but in 'faking' the belief that we are all those things we wish to be. 
It has been scientifically proven that when you're not in the best mood and still smile, this will send your brain messages that you are happy and you consequently will be. Why shouldn't that be true about insecurities? 
As a creative person, no matter in which shape or form, you are first and foremost a storyteller, your imagination is your biggest asset. I cannot tell you the amout of times I catch myself getting lost in a story of my imagination that portrays a version of me I'd like to be - and henceforth pretend I am.
What if I tell myself all these lies about the woman I want to be, and the life I would like to live, that I get lost in that world only to find out I've been standing in the way of who I already am or the potential to be my own individual self. Whatever that means. OR WORSE. What if, as time goes by I keep creating new worlds and different versions of who I want to be that I end of in a spiral of constant dissatisfaction? 
As Carrie B. would say "I couldn't help but wonder" when are the lies we tell ourselves helpful and when are they harmful? Meet me in the comment section. 

Speaking about lying to ourselves, here's three ways to keep wearing your favourite summer jumpsuit daily in this limbo weather. Option 1) with a turtleneck & blazer or coat 2) over an off shoulder shirt 3)under the other summery item you can't let go of like the cure crop top