Game Changer


I’ve always believed that no one truly changes, you are yourself but you can evolve and change certain aspects of yourself if need be, but who you are going to be when you are mature (whatever that means) has always been inside you it just needed to be shaped and moulded like clay through experiences, or if you’re lucky Patrick Swayze’s hands.
But now I’m not so sure anymore. I was talking to my sister who as an actress is a believer in Pirandello’s mask theory. We have multiple identities, or as he calls them, masks that we wear on different occasions or in company of different people. These identities are all completely different but they are all already part of us. I’m not saying you should start praying to the “Many Faced God” from Game of Thrones just yet, but hear me out. As an actress she plays many different people, but really aren’t they all already somehow part of her? Only we never truly explore those “masks” in our “normal” life? Maybe it’s through our experiences, family, social status, culture (and about a million more factors) that we learn to behave and think a certain way, elaborating one identity, without ever touching upon those other identities and exploring, even developing them ,simply because there was never any need for them?

I wonder, isn’t that what we love so much about fashion? Do we maybe subconsciously love dressing up so much because it’s unknowingly a way for us to easily touch upon some of our other identities? You all know how much a good outfit can influence the way you act and speak - our actions - which in turn influences the reaction we get from the world.
If there is one thing I have learned from Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari it’s that Homo Sapiens are the species most capable of change, would it be so crazy to think that that’s because we are able to wear more than one mask in our lifetime if we truly let ourselves? Maybe that’s the quality that has made our species both so powerful and dangerous at the same time.

Every one always talks about having to find your true style which can often result in utter desperation and frustration resulting in wearing yoga pants the whole week - i know you know.
But what if that wasn’t the goal anymore, what if experimenting with all different kinds of style and wearing things you would have “normally” never put together would actually get you closer to being the real you, because you are embracing and exploring all sides, all masks. 
I say it’s worth a try, if it doesn’t work at least it was fun! In that spirit I put together three pieces I would normally never put together, and you know what I felt more like myself than I have in a really long time. Will you do this challenge with me?


Dress: Amur | Top: second hand for £8 | Sandals: Handmade in Puglia, Italy

The dress is made out of Cupro, which is a cellulosic material made form reclaimed cotton linter, which is a part of the plant normally wasted in cotton production. I'm wearing a top I bought in a second-hand charity shop, still can't believe what a catch that was, cheap and beautiful and modern despite what people might think of second-hands. My mom brought me these beautiful sandals from  trip she took to Puglia, Italy - they are handmade by artisans there and they're fab, ready to spice up any outfit ;)