September Song


As you could tell from my last Instagram posts, I #LoveSummerHateEverythingElse and I was truly dreading getting back to London. It's coldness and greyness caused me so much pain last year and I felt like I was crash-driving into a black wall of unhappiness boarding that plane. I could feel my muscles contract and my heart get heavier. 
You know that quote "when you're tired of London you'e tired of life"? I couldn't disagree more, I felt lie the city had sucked the life out of me. But I was wrong, I was blaming my unhappiness on a city that did nothing but continue breathing (more like huffing and puffing) and leaving me behind like I was somehow standing paralysed in the middle of a moving crowd.I realise now, it's not the city's fault,it's mine because I am the only person in my life that has the power to shed some light over the occasional darkness that life brings with it. After I ventured down a 2 year long tunnel it's only normal to get a little lost and finding your way back out is probably one of the most challenging things I will ever have to do, but it's all worth it. 
As September is the January in fashion it's time to dust off those new years resolutions (wether you believe in them or not, I know you thought about them) because we only have few more months to get them done (or start on them) - it's GET BACK ON TRACK month, and it's going to be awesome. 
In the mean time, here's a picture of me tanned, in shorts, living the dream in paradise a few weeks ago - because I'm totally not living in the past and super ready to get back on track!

Striped Jumper: S.Bon | Shorts: vintage | Earrings: Giolina & Angelo

The Striped Jumper is from S.Bon's capsule collection, which aims to make timeless pieces to hold onto for a lifetime, and I of course will hold on to anything striped until the day I die. Ps. It's cashmere, wool and silk ;)

Jil Carrara