Jewellery from recycled e-waste


The jewellery industry can be a very environmentally and socially damaging, because of the destructive process of mining. I don’t wear a lot of jewellery and have been known to wear the same necklaces for 10+ years, because I only wear what I really love and what has some kind of story behind it. A bracelet with different pendants, one received at each birthday and each with a special meaning behind, a ring recycled from old jewellery with a diamond from my grandma’s old earrings and the only necklace I ever bought myself after I landed my dream job - the self-endulgence!

This summer, I was glad to discover ethical jewellery brand Lylie’s, who create beautiful pieces out of waste from the tech industry and recycled jewellery. As e-waste becomes a growing issue with our consumption growing exponentially (don’t we all get annoyed that our iPhones have a life expectancy of two year?!), recycling what possible into beautiful jewellery to be worn and cherished for life seems like the most beautiful of solutions.

Fun fact, did you know that a mobile phone holds up to 0.2gr of gold? Now think about all the cellphones you’ve had! ;)

Needless to say, I really love this brand and it’s styles, especially the chunky hoops pictures here and the coral shaped earrings (reminds me of the ocean, so obviously I’m in love!)

Jil Carraralylies, jewellery