Laundry Day


I could pretend to be real cool and say 'this is totally ( I condemn everyone that says 'totes') the new corset' but really it was laundry day, the world is upside down so really wearing clothes inside out just seems appropriate. Why else would I dig out my old faux-leather pants that I never wear anymore... 
And as you can see I always have LOADS of fun doing laundry (get it?)
After the layering of the silk dress with just about anything in your closet, it's now time to layer your cami top. AKA I've just found yet another way to layer a shirt. 
Also proclaiming the return of the blazer, you heard it here first!

When I first decided to fight for sustainability in fashion, I thought it was going to cost me so much to build up an entire closet of new and sustainably made clothes. But I quickly realised that the most unsustainable thing I could do was throw out all of the old clothes! The funny thing is that I haven't bought anything new for months and I haven't even noticed because everyday is a new and fun challenge to compose different outfits with what I've already got! With this I don't mean to stop shopping forever, but maybe slow down for a second and rethink about what you have, I promise it gives you so much satisfaction to pull of an amazing outfit and have you're friends ask were you got it from and you being able to truly answer: "what - this old thing?" *smirk*

Cool - now am gonna go back to watching SOAPS (get it, get it?)and pair together socks, if I find a match for everyone drinks are on me.

Men's shirt: second hand from Trade | Cami: used to be mom's | Faux-leather pants: bought 5 years ago | Chucks: my first pair from when I was 16! (sustainable option here) 

Jil Carrara