Not So Basic Basics


The other day, sitting on the tube, I was looking around as ever in search of inspiration and wondering who looks like someone I would want to dress like? There was exactly one girl. She looked elegant and perfect, the kind that makes you feel frustrated about having a chipped nail, cause she would never let that happen. Upon further inspection I realized that there was nothing really that special about her look. She was head to toe dressed in basics and didn’t have anything extravagant about her, yet she caught everyone's eye. I caught about 4 girls secretly gimplsing over at her and analysing her, before returning to scrolling on instagram. Of course we could get into a whole other conversation about how her posture and general relationship to the world made sure that she had such a magnetic effect on everyone (and I probably will talk about that once I’ve cracked the code to that myself ha!), but personally I believe it also had something to do with her immaculate outfit - of course, it’s a representation of who we want to be perceived as. The outfit wasn’t anything special but it was perfect, anyone could tell that what she was wearing was high quality, probably super comfortable and so simple to put together in the morning. Wearing great quality basics doesn’t give you any less of a personality or make you look boring, if anything it gives you the space to express who you really are. You’re not having to hide behind extravagant and flamboyant dresses to mask your insecurities, you don’t have to wear the highest heels to feel sexy, you just are confident and sexy because you know exactly who you are. That to me is what really good basics are.


Organic Basics is a company created by four Danish guys to make better basics. 
The pieces I'm wearing are organic cotton which is a natural, class B fibre. Their cotton is grown just outside Izmir, Turkey without toxic substances, no pesticides, no chemical fertilizer, and no nasty chemicals. It is grown without genetically modified seeds, and it is of course, GOTS certified, which means that apart from being certified organic, it is grown by humans that are treated like humans. That means fair wages, no discrimination, and freely chosen employment. All factories are located in Europe and regularly visited as well as audited by third parties. 

I LOVE IT! If you are on the lookout for some high quality basics, feel free to use my discount code  organicbasicsxjil20  for 20% off at checkout!!