Lost Places, Lost Souls


Don’t follow me I’m lost too.

(Just kidding, stalk me on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, G+ and anything else you can think of)

Jokes aside here come some serious thoughts, you might want to make a coffee or channel Sheldon Cooper to keep up. It’s up to you.

I’ve always had a pretty great sense of orientation. Always find my way back home when I get lost and always find myself out of a labyrinth pretty quickly. But I am always lost. 
Two of the people that I am closest with are one, an excellent sailor and the other an excellent pilot, and yet when on earth they have the worst orientation. They literally have the ability to walk out of their own building, walk to the coffee shop down the road, know the owners name and by the time they have dosed up on some caffeine, walk out of the place and in the opposite direction of their home (I mean ?!?!?!) . However they have their sh*t together. They know where they are and where they want to be in life.
Is it possible that similarly to the “bad luck in games good luck in love”- rule, people that are physically lost can be mentally in the right place and vice versa? 
What if people that are mentally in the right place, are ok with the world as it is, because they already know that everyone will find their place and most importantly their path? Maybe you don’t stress about the streets you take when you know you are on the right path and know your destination in life? 

got to thinking about being lost when this summer, with a group of friends we took a motorbike road trip (aka road trips the italian way) and visited this abandoned villa were Mussolini used to hide out before he got arrested and as you can see from the images it was pretty spectacular. Unlike my outfit. But that’s okay, I actually think it was pretty brave of me to wear a short slit skirt on an expedition (that included climbing and jumping over fences)!! Nat Geo if you need a fashionable discoverer hit me up. 

I hope this isn’t too much weirdness for a Sunday morning - did it even make sense?

White T-Shirt: Zara
Green Slit Skirt: Vintage Miu Miu (similar here or here
Shoes: Converse All Stars (obviously)

Jil Carrara