Funny story. Premises: I haven’t always been the biggest morning person. 
My mom storms into my room one morning shouting that it’s 15 minutes till the school bell. So I jump out of bed (read: rolled out of it semi-consciously), ran (read: crawled) to my closet and picked out random jeans and a t-shirt. Still sitting on the floor I took off my pyjama pants and shirt and put on my pants and my t-shirt and somehow manage to get to school. Halfway through the day, on a break, one of my friends finally couldn’t bear it anymore and compliments my t-shirt giggling.  I say thanks, look down at it and instantly blush. I’m wearing my pyjama shirt and as if that wasn’t enough it was also inside out. May I just say, that I wasn’t a fancy kid with silk pyjamas but with a red  long sleeves cotton shirt with a snowman printed on it (give me a break, it was christmas - who doesn’t like christmas themed pyjamas). 
So I had to bear through another 5 hours of school with this t-shirt. At this point is is better to keep the shirt inside out so the snowman will be less evident, but the seams will show, or should I turn it around and own it? Let me assure you there was no elegant way out of this one. Ultimately I owned it cause it was less cool to have your shirt inside out at the time (how times have changed!)
So when sleepwear was suddenly admissible on the streets, by day, I had to work through my trauma and embrace it with open arms. Silk this time though. The right side around. Over a turtleneck dress so it doesn’t look like an embarrassing accident. It's totally on purpose, okay?! I guess i’m not completely over the accident, yet. They call it post traumatic sleepwear disorder (PTSD) ….

Navy Striped Turtle Neck Dress: Urban Outfitters (similar here)
Silk Slip: Intimissimi (similar here)
Necklace: Urban Outfitters (similar here)
Shoes: Converse All Stars

Jil Carrara