This was shot the last day the sun rose upon London. It was 4.2.2017.
I have been looking out for signs of spring and rays of sunlight every day only to discover WINTER IS HERE (Game Of Thrones pun intended). Thus my watch has ended (can't help myself). I'll be in hibernation wrapped up in my Cocoon coat sippin' Turmeric Latte's until further notice. Don't wake me until the Brits are walking around in FlipFlops - no that can't be trusted either, saw one last week - until the Italians in London transition from triple layers to double layers. See you in August then?

The Cocoon coat is from Everlane, a company built on the principle of transparency. With every piece you can see a breakdown of all of the costings from fabric to labour to transport. It's just so amazing to be able to see what a brand actually spends on making items. It is my belief that through transparency, sustainability would be easier to achieve since it would make a huge difference to the customer to be able to factually see this information. With Everlane you can even virtually explore the factory your garment was made in! Have a browse and discover what a (fashion)world of transparency looks like! 

*note: I wrote this yesterday and today the sun came out, but I'm sure we can count on it disappearing again for good

Jil Carrara