Orange You Glad It's Summer?


Eleven months of the year I wait patiently to be in this magical place, that knows no time, or anxiety only beauty and wilderness. Eleven months of the year I wait to climb these rocks barefoot, and smile every time I bleed from cuts I get while exploring the islands. This might not make a whole lot of sense to most of you, but it's one of the few things that makes me feel truly alive. Maybe it's because after eleven month of the year I'm in a city worrying about work, studies and money and here is where I feel most connected to nature. I don't mean to sound hippie here, but I do believe that connection has a really strong power to recharge you. 

In the spirit of preserving this kind of bond though fashion, here's me wearing my grandma's old dress, which is a size 44 but fits just fine with her vintage belt. Nothing new other than the styling, as she probably would have worn it without the belt, orange shows and an orange bag - she likes to make an entrance ;) 

Jil Carrara