Ethical Fashion Week Berlin


Hiiiiiiiiii from Berlin! 
I've been here for a few days already for the Ethical Fashion Shows and Greenshowroom and I just wanted to share my take-aways and favourite brands that I found. I wrote a few thoughts down in between not eating and not sleeping that I wanted to share, so here you go. Scroll down if you don't care and just want to see the brands ;) 

Three days have gone by and I have barely had time to sleep or eat, but to be honest you barely notice when you are passionate about what you are doing. You wake up thinking about projects and ideas or edits or people you have met that impressed you, then you can barely eat because you’re too excited for what the day is going to bring. Then you go to “work” but really you feel more like a kid on his birthday, you run around and are so excited about everything and everyone and what you are doing that you could spend hours and hours listening to them speak about what they are doing with that sparkle in their eyes - which is to be honest one of the most beautiful things in the world. I might be a bit harsh on this, but I believe you should always cut anyone from your life that tries to put out that fire, no matter how big your dreams, you’re allowed to dream as big as you want and works as hard as you can to get there. I once read a quote that went something like this “if you don’t think we can change the world, that only means you won’t be one of those who will”. Always remember that, and never be ashamed of how big your dreams are, people will throw sticks and stones at you on your way there but once in a while along the way you will meet people that will pick you up, hand you a bandaid for your wounds and walk side by side with you until you have walked so far you can’t even see those people trying to stop you anymore because they’re way to far back. It’s a rocky road but it’s so worth it. 
Alright kids, my mothering lecture is over. 
Sometimes when you do things like this the road can feel a little lonely and that’s why the Berlin trip to the Ethical Shows has been so fun. The european hub of sustainability is concentrated in one place and everyone is so excited about meeting people they have followed on Instagram for ages and talk about projects and news and plans for world domination ;)
Truth be told, there were hundreds of brands and let’s just say that 85% don’t help defy the myth that ethical fashion is granola fashion. The remaining 15% however are amazing, I’ve listed my favorites below so that you can have a look at why I thought was the best of the best from the shows. (Haven’t been paid by any of these just truly were my favourites and there's a video coming out soon in which you can hear more details from the founders/designers themselves)

Thanks to Fashion Changers we had the opportunity to style ourselves with a brand that was exhibiting at the shows, get our makeup done by natural brand NUI cosmetics and shoot at the Funkhaus were the shows were being held by photographer Lydia Hersberger

I chose a brand called Lana Organics who produces in Europe under the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified seal. These pieces were from their 2018 Minu collection which will be out soon and I promise all the pieces look amazing! 


Jungle Folk is a switzerland-based brand that uses organic, natural and certified materials and works heavily with artisanal communities in Medellin, Colombia. They don't work along the traditional fashion calendar in order to create pieces that are truly loved and worn a lifetime.


Another favourite discovery was Organic Republic who aim to create organic cotton t-shirt for the price of a conventional, good quality t-shirt. Also they have most styles in dusty rose, enough said. 
I think they still might be in the process of launching their brand, so I haven't found an online shop yet, but definitely watch out for them! 


Jan 'N June's garments are produced in Poland, use GOTS organic cotton, they use a lot of GRS certified fabrics made from recycled post consumer waste, they are also Oekotex-StanDard100 certified. This is a sneak peak at their SS 2018 collection below. 


Beaumont Organics is a Manchester-based brand that works exclusively with organic and fair-trade materials creating beautiful and luxurious silhouettes. 


WRAD is basically the definition of cool. Oh and they also just won the Best Of The Best Red Dot Design Award, so that's pretty cool. Their t-shirts are 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, dyed with graphite powder which is wasted from the tech industries. Told you they're cool. Another amazing piece is their natural dyed hemp sweatshirts.

Jil Carrara