Up In The Air


I’m currently above the clouds, overlooking such a beautiful sunset. One of those that makes you wish you could jump out of the window right into the beauty and land on soft cotton candy. If only…
The last couple of days I’ve been endlessly creating, staying up well into the night to edit my blogs and recipe videos (that are coming soon) and have watched so so so many other youtube’s videos and blogs and I am always so fond of travel vlogs. Not the ones were you have 10 minutes of beautiful footage, which is amazing, but more vlogs where I’m being told stories, all the things that went wrong and how they are getting from one place to another, I love seeing the journey, because that to me is the beauty of travelling. A beauty that goes well beyond breathtaking views and tasty food, it’s about how all of that affects you, what you are learning, the people you meet and what they give you - it might be that you have a bad experience with other people or a good one but in some way they will influence your life and that is so precious  and no amount of money can buy that.
I was reminded of this today as I was trying to get to the airport in London and the buses wouldn’t arrive. We called the bus company and were told that there had been an accident and they don’t know when the bus should be arriving so we tshould make our way to the airport differently. This is when I met two wonderful girls and we decided to split a cab. We talked, we laughed and we slept, everyone of us perfectly at ease with each other and with ourselves yet all somehow lost. That being lost though that I saw in their eyes and that I felt myself, wasn’t like any other I had ever seen, there was a peace in it. We were okay, even excited to be lost, because we had the whole world at our feet and it didn’t matter were we went, we knew we would find our way somehow. How beautiful, don’t you think? 
So with todays events and my recent discovery for the passion of making videos, filming my life and being this excited about my unknown future for no real reason, really made me think that maybe this really is what I should be doing. And I will because it makes me happy. AlI have to do is find a clever way to make it work and lift my ideas up in the air.
I have to go, I’m landing.

** written as I traveled from London to Berlin

Pictures by Cherie Birkner from Sustainable Fashion Matterz shot in front of the Ethical Shows Berlin venue. 
Shirt: Men's second hand from Traid (ice-cream stay not included)| Pants: hand me downs from my mom well beyond #30wears, alternative here 

Quite often being sustainable is not about buying sustainably but about being really creative with the way you wear what you already have in your coset. reinventing a piece to make it look completely different each time... I've worn and re-worn the shirt and trousers (as you can see below) but with the shirt being backwards and the arms hanging off it gives it a new look.