Here To Stay


With Uni being over I've  been thinking a lot about the next steps, the next cities, the next projects. Short story short, I have no clue of what's going to happen, but for the first time in months I'm okay with that. Somehow I just started living and creating more and more everyday, staying up until 2 am either watching tutorial videos on youtube or editing or strategising. I wake up at 5 am because somehow in my sleep I figured out how to colour correct that one clip that didn't sit quite right or how to cut that one part in the video that just doesn't go with the music, what and how to shoot my next outfits, should I do more fashion in my videos, should I do more food? (the list goes on...).
Before I know it, 3 hours of sleep later and I'm at the gym sweating it out before I go home and start working on all those thoughts and start creating all over again.
To be honest, I'm at the beginning stage of my journey which means that A LOT  of the stuff I produce will never see the light of day, and it's frustrating at times but it's been such a learning curve and so much fun that I wouldn't trade it in for the world. 

Except maybe one thing. You know how you can count the age of chopped off trees by their rings? I feel like you can do the same with the bags under my eyes. 

Anyhow, essentially what I wanted to say, is that: 

1. life is so much more beautiful if you just live it instead of overthinking it

2.  You make your own rules, especially in the new age (of social media). There is more ways than one to getting to your goal and if you choose the unconventional one it might not be as secure and straight but it's going to be a thousand times more exciting, more emotional and more beautiful. 
You make your own rules to success and in everyday life. Not sure whether to wear a dress or pants? Heck, wear both. Now let's go conquer the world whichever way we want with one sole purpose: making it better. 

floral dress: Amur || t-shirt: second hand || denims: vintage Levis bought on Brick Lane || shoes: old Kurt Geiger well beyond #30wears

Photography: Stefania Esposito

The dress is made out of Cupro, which is a cellulosic material made form reclaimed cotton linter, which is a part of the plant normally wasted in cotton production. 
This is a dress that I feel like one would be quite scared to buy for fear of only being able to wear it once to an event, but in truth with the right styling you can wear it just about to any occasion formal or informal, office or party and really capitalise on its versatility.

Jil Carrara