L'am(o)ur Fou


I have not had fun dressing lately. I have been wearing leggings and whatever t-shirt was on top of the pile (sadly sometimes the same one for a period of time I'm not proud of...)My days were grey, not just thanks to the world-renown spectacular british weather but there was something deeper, I guess I just needed a break - from the city, from my routine and from my own greyness. 
But as coup de foudre's have it, they come at the most inexpected times and suddenly I was enam(o)ured... of the girl I was when wearing this dress. I hadn't felt like that in a while, but inside it I was confident, light, funny and bright. I could say and do things I wouldn't have in leggings, I was free to embrace a part of me I hide. That is the power of clothes and especially of well made ones, the give you a new life as they bring out parts you had barried or forgotten. How beautiful it is to fall in love even with yourself, even just for a second.

dress: Amur || shoes: Veja (more on these soon)

The sustainability factor: AMUR is a NYC-based brand who's approach is literally embodied in their name - A Mindful Use Of Resources.They use natural fibres such as hemp and linen as well as organic cotton and silk and use energy-saving practices in the production.
The dress I'm wearing is made out of regenerated duchess satin. Regenerated fibres are those made out of post-consumer waste materials and Amur's are PET fibers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certified. AND what's even better than that is that regenerated PET materials can be re-recycled back into new products – creating a closed loop system! I bet you would've never guessed from the look of them!