Et Viola Le French Fry


Rules for being a Parisienne (they are unconsciously conscious):

* be the girl that doesn't own a diamond with the same worth of a house in the hills, but the girl that causally mentions Foucault and Friedan in a conversation about fries - it's about intellectual worth.

* have dates during the day (darkness hides the truth) and wear an oversized sweater that may or may not (with the help of a cute shrug) fall off your shoulder. No need to invest in itty bitty dresses - you'll attracted the wrong kinda guy

* wear no makeup to a party on Saturday and only red lipstick to the baker on sunday morning - wear the same head to toe navy outfit to both

* only boring people are bored - but in case you do get bored wear perfume and lipstick, buy a paper, go to a caffe and sit there pretending to read it (that can be done later) whilst you watch people and imagine their stories. 

* wear blue with black, heck blue and brown

* forget Logos, unless you are André Leon Talley - he can. 

* don't follow trends, let them follow you. Like a stray dog you had no idea was following you all the way back home and you decide to coexist but not adopt because you have to be independent yet don't have the heart to ignore it. 

* when in doubt wear a white or striped shirt, denims, red nails and gold jewellery

* less is more unless we're talking about emotions, although I guess in that case more is simply more as long as it's not too much (you with me?)

* more skincare, less makeup - no one likes to wake up next to a completely different person the next morning (am I right boys) also, this is a great way to learn to love who you are instead of spending your life (and paycheques) covering it up. can that ever lead to happiness? 

* dress up for the farmers market, dress down for evening drinks. If they act rude because you don't look like you can even afford a gin & tonic (or whatever fancy name they chose for it) just leave that place to the Made In Chelsea/KUWTK people(I googled the shortcut because the thought of spelling out their last name and then some is excruciating).  Very important, smile while walking out - they'll always wonder.

* the signature item. a love story. I almost don't want to add another word or we'll loose the romantic notion, but I guess for clarification we have to. This item can be anything, but is usually a bag, a pair of shoes, a piece of jewellery or a jacket. Don't mistake this for a luxury item. It's about originality and emotionality - it's the one item you feel best in. It is often an investment piece you gifted yourself, but if you've noticed it always comes with some kind of story. It's a personal affair. a unique love story. 

* be naked. a lot. at home though please. it's sustainable, it's fun, it gives you freedom and makes you confident. Once you stop cringing at the sight of yourself in the mirror completely naked you know you've made it. Tackle it like fear: repeat until over it.

Any more you'd like to add? Bisous.

Jil Carrara