Lurking On A Street Corner Near You


The city seems asleep these days and I'm not sure wether like me everyone is still in hibernation and only steps a foot into the cold when they've run out of almond milk or they've just migrated to the south. #BringBackTheMilkMan am I right? They should have a plantbased milk man! Is this a business idea? Should I patent this? Last time I called out Starbucks drive through and it happened. Although the one I didn't see coming was Starbucks opening in Italy and giving the city of Milan palm trees as a gift. Yep, as absurd as it sounds. 
Should we talk about this some more? Palm trees aside, a fast-coffee chain is opening in slow-espresso-land, I feel like this is a threat to my entire culture!!
Maybe everyone, full of espresso and scones, has indeed migrated south: to Paris! Fashion week is in motion (reviving the eternal question of why OR's Balmain collection "slayeeeed" - did anyone actually see the clothes or do people just focus their attention on  celebrity-model nip slips? Please discuss). 
Although I'm sure Paris will make up for that in the next few days!
So while the (beautiful) circus migrates to fashion week, here's me just hanging in my (imaginary) hood. 


The Sustainable Factor: 
The Cocoon coat is from Everlane, a company built on the principle of transparency. With every piece you can see a breakdown of all of the costings from fabric to labour to transport. It's just so amazing to be able to see what a brand actually spends on making items. It is my belief that through transparency, sustainability would be easier to achieve since it would make a huge difference to the customer to be able to factually see this information. With Everlane you can even virtually explore the factory your garment was made in! Have a browse and discover what a (fashion)world of transparency looks like! 


explore how I have previously worn some of the items in this post

Jil Carrara