Sweet Escape


This is one of my favourite shoots I've done so far, because the images were shot at a lighthouse in one of my favourite places on earth. I thought about posting this more towards summer, but I guess this can count as a sort of #tb (throwback), or it can count for the southern hemisphere. Although thinking about it maybe I'm posting this out of a deep desire for being in this exact place with this exact state of mind.
Why do we tell, listen and watch stories other than to indulge in escapism? Whether that keeps us sane or insane is up for debate.

Lately the lyrics of Gregory Alan Isakov's song This Empty Northern Hemisphere are stuck in my head and now I know why, so listen to the song while you read this post

'Night comes fixing on the day
And the universe reigned again
While the wheels roll, it all glows a flickering light'

Personally I'm someone that gets lost way to much in my imagination, to the point that I have full on conversations with my ideal dinner party guests dead or alive for hours at a time. No wonder I'm always tired, fake dinner parties might just be more exhausting than real ones! 
As much as it's beautiful and fun coming back to reality can often hit you very very hard. But we can deal with that later, let's procrastinate a moment longer and step into the state of eternal summer. Go to the place in your mind where you are left alone with your thoughts, where all of your worries, all of your problems, all of your fears just seam so insignificant. That feeling is truly what keeps me going, which lifts a heavy veil from my heart and regenerates it for the challenges that are to come.
Just a few moments longer...

The Sustainable Factor: In Italy there is places where you can buy leftover designer fabric so my mom bought some really beautiful one from Missoni from which she had a beautiful jumpsuit made and from the leftover fabric from that I commissioned two chokers for me an my sister - talk about no waist! The great thing about this is that it's about personal style, you create something that is uniquely yours and will therefore always be 'in trend' 

Jil Carrara