3 Ways, 1 Faux-Leather Skirt


First day of Spring with sunshine has us London girls running out the door in skirts and bare legs, only to notice how freezing and windy it still is. At that point you have two choices, you either run back inside and put on tights, or better yet pants, or you just power through it. Stubborn as I am (it's been proudly passed down for generations on both sides of the family) I obvs choose the latter. Now I've had this (faux) leather skirt hanging in my closet for quite some time, because of the conundrum it poses: how to do wear it without looking like you're walking home from le strip?! *Drum-roll* I present to you the three logics behind wearing a (faux) leather skirt!

Nr.1 The 'guilty' logic: If I wear the chunkiest grandma knit of all times over it will it balance it out? Also will it balance out the fact that my legs are going to go numb? Sure it will. Right? Yes, Yes. 
Nr.2 The 'might-as-well' logic: Might as well contrast the working-girl skirt with the business-woman shirt and might as well freeze to death whilst done in style. 
Nr.3 The 'bad-girl' logic: F* IT.

The sustainable factor: Buying an item like a (faux-) leather skirt might seem a bit daring in terms of sustainability, because really how often are you going to wear it?! But here you can see that there are countless ways of wearing it starting with 3 of #30wears.

Skirt: bought a while ago from Zara before I got into sustainability, but here is the same consciously made  || Knit: my mum made this, sustainable option here || Shirt: similar here || Graphic tee: similar here

Jil Carrara