Pura Vida


Costa Rica has truly been one of the greatest experiences, not only for the beautiful landscapes and people, but for meeting my true self for the first time. I know this might seem odd as I should probably know at least parts of myself at 21 years of age, but truly I only think I do. The strangest thing was that I thought one day I would just decide who I wanted to be step by step, as I went on with life, and one day probably in my 30s just know who I am. But the truth is that it came as a feeling. I was standing there between the waves looking at the storm approaching, my feet steadily gripping the sand beneath me, I wasn't moving an inch, completely mesmerised, listening to the wind. Suddenly I just knew my place in this world. It didn't include any ideas and dreams about my carrier or love life or any other thing, in fact, it just didn't come as a precise image or thought about myself. Just as a feeling - all I had to do was stand still, let the water heal my scars just as it heals its own and hold on to what I think was a true, pure moment of happiness, of vida.
Just as I stood there staring and letting it heal me I understood. I understood that I was going to be okay, everything was going to work just as it was supposed to and there was still a lot in store for me.
Having dreams brings you a long way, but sometimes being lost brings you further. 

If after every tempest come such calms,
May the winds blow till they have waken'd death!
W. Shakespeare, Othello


long skirt: second-hand from traid (sustainable option here and here) | Shirt: second-hand (sustainable option here)

Jil Carrara