In My Element


In these especially troubling times we often have to find the way to keep our feet grounded. It is said that we all seek a connection to our strongest element (which depends on your character traits, and starsigns if you believe in them). Some seek the supernatural and find comfort in believing that there is something out there that is more powerful than we can ever understand - be it God, or some superhero (as evidenced by the high amount of Marvel movies brought out lately). Some of us however, while patiently waiting to discover another Stranger Things dimension to slip into, feel the need to find the balance within the universe as we know it. Not always easy in our busy lives and big cities. Find a way to carry a little piece of that balanced world with you, like worked into your jewellery - Elementary, my dear Watson! 

A Beautiful Story creates hand-made, fair trade jewellery with artisans in Nepal. You can discover which element you are, see which stones suit you best and why here. I hope my bracelet is only going to be the first of a series, because we all know how much balance is needed in light of recent events! The stone in these images is Black Onyx for focus, grounding and self-confidence, which couldn't be more accurate!! Also, not a big fan of Valentine's day, but this is a pretty thoughtful gift - just saying! ;)

Jil Carrara