Transparency Is The Best Policy


When I say 'transparency is the best policy' I (for once) actually don't mean get naked. Although we can discuss, it is cuffing season after all. 

Unlike Andersen's tale 'The Emperor with the New Clothes' we don't need transparent clothes but transparent businesses, especially in fashion. Although #FreeTheNipple forever - but let's talk about that another time. 
Transparency is the best policy in terms of sustainable fashion. It's one of the pillars, because it communicates a level of truth and therefore creates mutual trust between consumer-producers. 
Everlane is the only brand I have come across that does just that. With every piece you can discover how much each step of the way cost, virtually visit the factory that made them and see how much the entire production cost them. 

It's really quite fun and fascinating to discover every step and every dollar that has been put into the making of their products, see what went into the making of this Short Puffer Bomber

Jil Carrara