This is the tale of a good girl that wanted to wear fishnet tights aka lessons in how to quite literally pimp up the ol' ripped jeans & white tee look. 
One of the things that I always tell people that ask me how to be more sustainable without having to re-buy their entire closet is: styling. This is the key to a sustainable and affordable conscious wardrobe. I bought these jeans about 6 years ago at Abercrombie and Fitch and barely wore them. But a few weeks ago, me and my sister cut them all up and now I have a deep, loving, long-term relationship with them. Honeymoon-phasing hard.
 Only 'problem' is that, like in any long relationship the flame dies out a little after a while (= I always end up wearing them in the same way) so I thought of a way to spice things up a little.  

Denims: as mentioned mine is an old pair that I cut up, already restyled vintage pieces can be found at this amazing website RE/DONE || Tights: these are old too, but sustainable tights can be found here (made form recycled nylon) || Shirt: organic white cotton shirts from Asos Eco Edit || Shoes: a friend of my mom's who didn't want them anymore #AdoptDontShop

Jil Carrara