Paolo Coelho wrote  “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” - not sure if that is exactly what happened with this blog, but after so much back and forth I finally decided to JUST DO IT. (#NotANikeAd - as you can see I'm barefoot.)
I have been part of the Fashion Industry for a few years now (actually in fashion lingo: a few seasons), so really I am still a baby, nevertheless I have been struggling to find my voice and my place within it, this is why I have decided to write this blog. It’s a personal diary of all my passions, some deeper thoughts, some humours thoughts, a place to express myself, but mostly a place of self-discovery. 
You know when you are a kid and you see 20 year old and think “Wow, they’re so adult, they have it all figured out” while you are stuck in your teens and think everything is bullsh*t? Oh was I wrong - in your teens you are just lost and angry, but it’s ok because you don’t know any different, but when you are 20 you’re desperately trying to define yourself and feel like you are already too late to the party- in a non ‘fashionably late’ way. The only thing that makes you calm down is escaping into another reality (thank you Netflix) or watching Youtube interviews of 30+ actresses saying “you only feel truly like yourself in your 30’s” for hours, until you are actually late to an actual party.
Great, 10 years to go. I’ve decided to open the blog to accompany me in this journey and see where it takes me. I’m sure similar to secret diaries your wrote as a kid and you look back into in your teens, you will laugh so hard especially because you don’t know if crying would be more appropriate - so you end up doing both. 
Real style is a very personal matter and since I am lost in translation (pun intended) my style also varies, mostly by moods or phases… Although thinking about it all my friends seem to know my style better than I do since they walk by shop windows looking at either a silk dress or biker boots and scream “that is so you!” - in all fairness I would probably wear them together… Looks like we are already progressing on the rocky road to self-discovery! Stay tuned for more…

My first post is dedicated to my go-to outfit, the one I (for now) feel most myself in: Mariniére shirt, navy blue pants, some jewellery that have emotional value and barefoot (not recommended outdoors unless at a holiday destination.) 

Shirt: Zara (similar here)
ants: Zara (similar here)
Heart ring: Giolina e Angelo
Bracelet: Giolina e Angelo (This has been personalised with luck charms, but similar here)
Open bracelet: & Other Stories
Other bracelets and necklace: Vintage

Jil Carrara