Knot Today


As the days of the year get fewer and shorter it's seems like everyone is frenetically trying to get sh*t done, it's the last chance to fight guilt!
This is the time of the year when you literally run around like a maniac trying to scrape together last minute (=most) gifts, things on your own list (because why not treat yourself too) and get pre-deadline work done!
The End-Of-Year-Marathon will inevitably make you work up a sweat and makes you undress even against your better judgement since it's plus minus 0 degrees outside. You have to make a choice - do I ignore my mom's voice inside my head telling - no yelling - to put the coat back on, because sweating is better than lying in bed with a fever or do I, for once, listen. Unfortunateley we all have some form of rebellion against authority left in our hearts so, naturally we ignore.
Fever. Inevitably. 
Good news for all of us and our immune systems: I found a solution that seems to have proven it's efficiency so far. 
As mentioned before layering is key in winter months, but have you ever tried layering two sweaters?
The secret is one has to be thinner, but still warm and the second has to be a bit chunkier and possibly larger, so you can wear both when you are cold and peel off one layer when building up a sweat.
The good thing is there is no issue of having to stuff away a layer into your bag, just knot it around your neck and it will keep that area warm and safe from cold winds, buy won't keep you too warm. 

Knot going to be cold, knot going to be sweaty, know going to be sick. Knot today. 


For extra cosiness, there's Ruby. She isn't always that annoyed at me, but no animals were harmed in the production of this!


High neck sweater Made In Italy from the market (similar here) and my dads chuncky blue sweater, which is always the best go to in winter (similar here)

Jil Carrara