For The Love Of Rory


I have been binging on Gilmore girls like there's no tomorrow - please don't spoil anything in the comments since I didn't watch it in the 2000's and I'm only halfway through.
Like any chill fan I have since developed a strategic WWRD (what would Rory do) mentality, which hasn't gotten me into an ivy league, but has me reading more, so close enough. 
Unfortunateley the girls have really made junk food look beyond cool again, although let's be real - you can't eat pop tarts, 5 cups of coffee, burgers, fries, pizza and ice-cream everyday and still have the complexion of a baby, no diabetes and be skinny. I have to keep telling myself that whilst walking past the crisp isle in the supermarket. 
Let's not think about the food to much, unless you have developed a craving now and need rescue
The other day I was standing infront of the mirror and I noticed it was the third day in the row I had been wearing a shirt, so I guess WWRW (what would Rory wear) applies too. 

Shirt: vintage Men's shirt I bought on sale #30wears - just use your dads/boyfriends
Jumper: h&m conscious collection made from recycled polyster 
Jeans: Levis 

Jil Carrara