Whoop Hoop!


Whoop Whoop found the hoops.
I'm finally in the loop.

Okay I'm going to stop rhyming now - not my strong suit. 
I've recently been thinking a lot about  the concept of giving (hhmm I wonder if that's due to Thanksgiving having been 2 days ago) and now more than ever I believe that karma exists. I cannot tell you the details of my experiences, because privacy and all that, but I will tell you this: always always always be kind to other people and never treat anyone like they are beneath you, no matter how they treat you. It's actually a real challenge, a sport - they should add it the olympics as "the goodness games - uh uh, can I be Kindness Evergreen? (you know, like Katniss Everdeen? I'll stop)  
When someone treats you like you are the last dirt and you can't stand up to them due to hierarchy (or even if you can and will) don't lower yourself to that level of the game, don't play dirty as revenge, just keep your cool and be nice. It's going to be hard, but you have got to do it, because otherwise you will loose respect for yourself, but most of all: karma (not the stripper in this case). Trust that the universe (or any entity you believe in) will take care of that person eventually and you will be rewarded. The thing is, you never know how long karma will take, when it will strike, but just know it will at some point and make peace with yourself, because you have already won.

What goes around
comes around

In moments of doubt and/or just before you think you are going to have a breakdown wear the circle of karma (see what I did there?) as a reminder.

Each Made piece is hand-made by skilled artisans in Kenya using techniques handed down through generations. They extensively  use reclaimed brass and source all materials locally in order to support the communities in the area, as well as respect the environment. 

Hoop Earrings: Made

Jil Carrara