Designers have had an on/off relationship with the shirt for a few seasons and us third wheels have been sitting on the side lines watching and waiting… Waiting for them to relight the fire and become the newest invincible power couple. Who needs Brangelina (Brad & Angelina - you should really know this!) when you have DeShirt (Designer & Shirt).
Now DeShirt is back on again and they're better than ever. 

However, DeShirt apparently doesn’t want to hop into bed with (my) budget, so we have to adapt.
All you need is the boyfriends shirt. Not necessarily a boyfriend himself. Or YOUR boyfriend for that matter (Just kidding). If you have one great, if you don’t then hopefully you haven’t burned his shirts in a post-breakup tequila-fueled curse ritual! 
All jokes a side, you can buy one in any vintage shop for a few dollars/pounds/euros etc.

On a different, but related note: has anyone else seen 27 dresses with Katherine Heigl? I know I’m probably the only one remembering this detail but I will never forget this scene - an early fashion imprint in my mind. 
After the crazy night attending 3 weddings do you remember how Heigl walks into work with her co-worker/friend the next morning and the friend has spent the night at some guys place? 
All she had on the night before was an ugly lavender bridesmaids dress - which she understandably refused to wear to the office - so she reworked her guys shirt into a knotted dress. 
I think the following day I tried to rework the shirt in a million ways - 95 % of these tries were disastrous and I was so frustrated - not as frustrated as my dad was when he opened his closet the next morning only to find all his shirts crumbled up on a pile. I mean who has the time to hang them back up…
Anyway, here we are 5 years later and I’ve figured out a way to rework the shirt so I don’t look like I just drowned in a wild sea of knotted men’s shirts. 
Stay tuned for further experiments...

*Fun Fact: Deshirting actually means "removing clothing from only the top of your body. Taking off your shirt." 

Bandana Choker: Vintage (similar here) | Men's Shirt: Vintage (similar here or literally any Men's shirt you can find) | Flared Pants: Taylor made (similar here) | Leather sandals: Jackie Onassis Sandals from the Poet Sandal Make of Athens

Jil Carrara