The Yes Factor


Some days you just really don’t feel like yourself, you wake up “on the wrong side of the bed” and you just feel uncomfortable and out of place all day. We all dress according to our moods and on some days we just want to wear jeans and a cashmere pullover (read: a velour tracksuit - don't worry we'll keep it our dirty little secret). I always find it hard to wear something nicer on those days so throughout the years I have developed a good strategy for my “no-days”. Ironically they are about saying no to clothes you would instinctively grab on those days, so usually the basics like black pants, black top etc. Once you have mentally put all the classics in your wardrobe aside, look at what remains, you will probably have at least 3/4 different items and now physically mix & match them. Quite often you will find out that two pieces you would have NEVER worn together actually make an interesting outfit! YES! 
In my case the “yes-look” on a “no-day”  was a pair of camel knot culottes and a striped off-shoulder - Bingo.
Next (or maybe before would be better!!!) - go into your bathroom wash your face with cold water and put on some of your most amazing face cream, or tonic water and it will instantly make you feel reborn. 
Also highly recommend loud positive-vibes-only music! 

Striped Off-Shoulder Top: Zara
Knot Culottes: Zara (they no longer sell these but you can find similar at Asos here and here)
Octagon Earrings: H&M (they no longer sell these but you can find beautiful earrings here and here)

Jil Carrara