Risk Assessment


Sometimes we have a really hard time letting go and changing, evolving past our comfort zone. 
I wonder if it’s because we are scared of changing things or if often changing just doesn’t even cross our minds, our comfort zone is our normality.
Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke, right? Truth is, just because it ain’t broke doesn’t mean it’s the best it could be either, it just means you have found your comfort zone. But who’s to say that by stepping out of your comfort zone you won’t actually find something that might surprise you? You might find a new comfort zone that has broken you out of your old one and has allowed you to think beyond and “out of the box” if you will. 
We are often scared that by stepping out of normality we end up with something worse than what we have, putting at risk what we have worked for so far. 
Stepping out of your comfort zone means nothing more than pursuing a better version of yourself and with that happiness. 
You are taking a calculated risk to go on to better things and additionally push yourself to your very limits and learning new things, how else would you ever achieve success?
Isn’t the answer to all these mental barriers the question wether you are fine with living in a state of fear or dissatisfaction or (worse) with normality, just because you are too scared to take a leap and perhaps go on to greater things?

Per definition fashion means change in dress and we quite often think that all that changes in fashion are trends or the front row. Although, now more than ever it just seems like the system is like the lottery playing numbers from 1 to 100 and someone fishes out a few key words every season and declares them the new trends, which essentially means they are bound to be fished out again every few years. 
There is nothing new under the sun, or in this case in the bowl. But I like to think in a small way there is new things we can create and experiment with, but it all starts with our mentality - we have to be open to change and embrace that change brings The New. Taking a different way to work may force you past the the bar with the drunk guy that always gives you promiscuous looks (who wants that at 8am, am I right), but you might discover the cutest little vintage store that will change your life (and in case you’re wondering, being late for work because of vintage Gucci loafers for £80 is totally okay). Sometimes it’s simply about changing the way you see things that have already been established. Sometimes it’s just about turning a shirt around and letting it flatter your back instead of your front for once. Tomorrow morning open your closet with fresh eyes and wear something your normally wouldn’t because it’s not your normality. Oh, and If you walk past that vintage store and see some ‘Slits’ merch, email me!!! x

White Shirt: similar here and here (really any shirt will do)
Ripped Jeans: Zara 
Ring: & Other Stories (similar here)

Jil Carrara