Shot by Madara Freimane // What’s Your Legacy

Shot by Madara Freimane // What’s Your Legacy


I am half Italian, half German and grew up in Milan. I always knew I wanted to get into fashion and would daydream about going to fashion shows, writing about them for magazines and blogs, so I decided to move to London and study Fashion Styling and Production. During my studies I also worked for a luxury magazine, allowing me to go some of the most sought after shows in the world and being able to shoot and style all these wonderful clothes - living the devils wears prada life (with all it’s ups and downs). It was then, sitting amongst a huge pile of returns after a shoot that I thought to myself, what is this for? Why are we trying to sell stuff to people they don’t need? Who even made this stuff, are they getting paid fairly, are they proud of their creations? And what happens to the clothes that aren’t sold? Safe to say, that was the moment I opened Pandora’s box and there was no turning back. I quit my job and dedicated my final year at University to exploring sustainability within fashion, I started writing about my findings and cool brands I would discover on this blog and after Uni found a job at Ananas Anam, the creators of Piñatex® (a leather-alternative made form pineapple leaf fibres, a byproduct of the food industry). I then went on to work for Livia Firth’s sustainability consultancy Eco-Age as their social media editor for over a year, before deciding to go freelance and blog full-time!

Jil x

You can read more about my values in terms of sustainable fashion, food, organic beauty and wellbeing here.

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